• President
    • Gerald Davies CBE
  • Vice Presidents
    • Andrew Brace
    • DE Brierley
    • Jack Evans
    • Bob Garwood
    • Simon Gulliford
    • David Harries
    • Owain Harries
    • Dr Keith Hughes
    • Peter Jackson
    • W Hopkin Joseph
    • Gerry Latham
    • Ian Lewis
    • Byron Light
    • Greg Lock
    • Nigel Perris
    • Martyn Ryan
    • Anthony Tarr
    • Denys Thomas
    • Richard Whiting
    • John Williams
    • Nick Williams
    • Gary Witchell
  • Life Members
    • Malcolm Baker
    • Gerald Davies CBE
    • Jack Davies
    • Leighton Davies
    • Denis Evans
    • Dennis Gethin OBE
    • Wyn Oliver
  • Chairman
    • Jack Davies
  • Hon Secretary
    • Denys Thomas
  • Treasurer
    • Jon Davis
  • Vice Chairman
    • Tim Lowe
  • Match Secretary
    • Dr Keith Hughes
  • Head Coach
    • Adrian Evans
  • Executive Committee
    • Jack Davies
    • Denys Thomas
    • Jon Davis
    • Tim Lowe
    • Steve Williams
    • Adrian Evans
    • Dr Keith Hughes
    • Rhys Evans
    • Gethin Evans
    • Alun Wynne
    • Dr Brian Rees OBE
    • Wyn Hughes
    • David Williams
    • Gareth Nicholas
    • Richard Emms
    • Steve Whitehead
    • Paul Evans
    • Colin Workman
    • Bob Dyer
    • Paul Jones
    • Simon Thomas

Welsh Academicals History : A No-Fear Environment

Kevin Bowring

How ironic that the talent of Kevin Bowring, not wanted by Wales, has been imported by the RFU whose Head of Elite Coach Development he now is. However, the Welsh Academicals still occupies a position close to his heart.


The age of professional Rugby involves promotion and relegation, tournaments and cups, directors and executive decision-making, wealthy club owners impatient for success, stressed out coaches wanting to win at all costs, full time training for players who are treated like meat on a hook, and talented youngsters who sacrifice their education for a full time contract.

Thank god for the Accies! They seem like a throw-back to happier amateur days when playing for such sides offered release from club pressures, an opportunity to play with different players and make new friends, and play with a freedom that releases the shackles of playing by numbers and having to get a result.

Welsh Academicals? The term seems nonsensical; but having played in a London Welsh team with a front-row consisting of two Oxford graduates and one from Imperial College I can say." There are indeed academic rugby players". It is academic intelligent men who achieve success. While youngsters are developing ther rugby potential it is vitally important that they do not neglect their educational potential.

There is much that is good about the modern game, and the Accies today have adapted their playing programme and organised the fixture list to ensure that players enjoy representing them. They support clubs' celebrations and good causes at a time when the professional element seems to show little responsibility for Rugby in general. The Academicals create a "no fear" environment which allows players to express themselves without fear of making mistakes and with the refreshing approach of being able to "play it as you see it".

A small group of key enthusiasts is to be congratulated for sustaining a Club which must receive credit for the part it plays in a Game which is forever making it more difficult for such clubs to survive.










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